Returning Revitalized

Looking Ahead to Serpentine Vol. 3 “Season of / joy for the bee. The green will never / again be so green, so purely and lushly/ new, grass lifting its wheaty seedheads / into the wind.” – from “More Than Enough” by Marge Piercy It’s good to be back! Serpentine is coming out of hibernationContinue reading “Returning Revitalized”

Why are Some Women Shaving Their Heads in Lock-down?: How Isolation is Impacting Gender and Gender Performance

How quarantine is affecting gender expression and identity in young women and what it might have to do with a TikTok trend.

The Big Bad in Macbeth: Why I want Lady Macbeth to be an Anti-Hero

by Ammielle Charles’s Elise Ringo wrote a compelling argument in her article “Villainesses Required: Why the Dark Side Needs More Women”. Even though she acknowledged female villains that already exist in pop culture, she argued that female villains “are bound by the stereotypical limitations of their gender.” Even though “some female villains…break the mold,”Continue reading “The Big Bad in Macbeth: Why I want Lady Macbeth to be an Anti-Hero”

Why Another Lit Journal?

Thanks to the rise of the online journal, the literary world has been flooded with thousands and thousands of new publications ranging from every topic and style imaginable. The print ones move to online or shut down, and no one reads them unless they’re trying to submit something- which is generous, considering plenty of submittingContinue reading “Why Another Lit Journal?”