Penis Envy

Written by Deborah Coy


can’t keep anything

more than

a hand warm.

“Penis Envy,” read by Deborah Coy

It’s not like


is a tripod

where he can rest 

whenever he takes 

a notion.


doesn’t lead him,

like a witching wand,

to the nearest water.


can’t hammer a nail


can’t keep anything

more than

a hand warm.

        It works like this –

why carry around

a heavy ol’ pocket knife

when your partner

has one you can borrow

anytime you want?


on occasion,

I admit

there’s just a

little envy.

        At intermission, 

for sure,

I long to enter

the short line.

        When the wind blows 

in the mountains 

he can just whip IT out.

while I

unbutton, unzip, pull down, squat

    and hope

the wind doesn’t shift.

Check this poem out in print in Serpentine Vol. 3

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