Editor: Vicki Barclay (she/her)

A lover of all things Modernist, Feminist, and generally subversive, Serpentine is her passion project. Vicki has self-published a novel, and her work can be found in The Idiom and Vox Populi. When she’s not writing or reading other peoples’ writing, she can be found baking overly-complicated treats, basking in her mug collection, or scouring the Earth for the perfect coffee shop. Although a Bostonian at heart, she now lives in Springfield, MO.

Art Director: Hannah Andres (she/her)

Hannah is an artist and author in the Boston area. She is fascinated by storytelling – myths, fantasy worlds, and dreams that are intrinsic to our modern experience but are mysterious all the same. Adventure, fear, isolation, imagination, and femininity are all reflected in her past work, such as in Many Shallow Ponds, a book of illustrated short stories, and in SHE, a self published poetry book which she illustrated and designed. With additional experience designing for college publications and a love for feminist literature, Hannah is excited to join the Serpentine team!

Associate Editor: Allie Sweet (she/her)

Our resident expert on feminist theory, Allie studied Social Work and Sociology at Gordon College in Massachusetts. Allie spends her days raising tiny feminists, cultivating mindful environments, indoctrinating her children to love and respect all humans, including themselves, and managing to get dinner on the table most nights in a week. Cloth diapering and gentle parenting has become a whole section of her personality. She does her best to live sustainably, consciously and with intention. If your feminism isn’t intersectional, then, no, you can’t hold her baby.

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