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The story of Perseus slaying the hideous Medusa is one we see over and over again on the page and on screen. Too often we take these old myths at face-value, ignoring the uncomfortable truths beneath a tidy good vs. evil narrative.

Medusa was obviously the Big Bad.

Why would we question a moral judgment on someone who has snakes for hair and can turn someone to stone with one, hideous glance? Medusa’s side of the story, for centuries, didn’t matter. Perseus was the hero. She was the monster.

The thing is, we got her character completely wrong. Medusa’s crime: being raped by a god. Stripped of her humanity, she became a voiceless monster echoing through the legends of the man who kills her as just another one of his conquests. 

Here at Serpentine we seek to create echoes of our own. We lift voices, since hushed by the same traditions that told us that Medusa was the monster. We make art. We make waves. They might tell us we’re being too loud and curse us with snakes for hair, but here’s the thing about snakes– they bite.

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