Returning Revitalized

Looking Ahead to Serpentine Vol. 3

Season of / joy for the bee. The green will never / again be so green, so purely and lushly/ new, grass lifting its wheaty seedheads / into the wind.– from “More Than Enough” by Marge Piercy

It’s good to be back! Serpentine is coming out of hibernation with a new team, a fresh vision, and a reignited passion for uplifting the creative works of our incredible community of artists and writers.

Like so much of the world right now, actual Mother Earth included, life is beginning to bloom again. There’s a buzz filling the silence, and we are stretching long-dormant limbs to re-familiarize ourselves with movements once taken for granted. Things are not the same. They might not be ever again. But we’ve learned to roll with these kinds of things by now.

There’s a freedom in beginning again. So much of womanhood is birth, rebirth, rinse, repeat. These cycles of change create the rhythm of our lives in so many senses. There’s a beauty in that movement, I think. That’s what I’m hoping our readers feel as they thumb through Serpentine Vol. 3.

I’m not one to set a hard-and-fast theme for any of our editions, but if you’re someone who likes direction and is looking to get a sense of what the editor’s mindset is as she sifts through submission emails, here it is: Revitalization. I’m letting that be Serpentine’s word as we come back from an almost year-long hiatus, as buds grow back on the trees, and as the world turns the page on one of our darker moments. Here’s to hoping this ages well.

So, if you have a piece that sounds like it would fit comfortably in an edition like this, or even if it doesn’t, send it to us. It’s always worth the email. Do read our submission guidelines first, of course. That makes everyone’s life significantly easier. Historically, Serpentine has been incredibly poetry-heavy, but we are open to any kind of writing, artwork, or performance piece.

Happy creating! We’ll hear from you soon!


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