Why Another Lit Journal?

“The idea of starting a new print magazine now sounds insane; only the bold, the idealistic, and the angry endeavor to do it.”

-Sarah Anne Strickley

Thanks to the rise of the online journal, the literary world has been flooded with thousands and thousands of new publications ranging from every topic and style imaginable. The print ones move to online or shut down, and no one reads them unless they’re trying to submit something- which is generous, considering plenty of submitting writers don’t even do that.

So why make another one?

It’s almost like throwing a match into a gas station fire. Can we really expect to make much of a spark, if any, that’ll be anything more than negligible?

Well, maybe.

And that’s enough to try. If there is one more ounce of beauty in the world, one more person who feels heard, one more whisper lifted into a battle cry, then we will have done what we set out to do.

As a lit journal in 2020, our approach is to straddle the online and the print worlds. We want to embrace the accessibility of the internet and the feeling of a book in your hand. Our first issue is in the works right now, and it will have a home both on our website and in print. That way, those who just want to enjoy the art can browse around the site; and those who want that new book smell have that chance too.

We’re here for the love of literature and the belief in its power to stir us. And we hope, that when reading and appreciating the works that we have gathered here, that it’ll stir you too.


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