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We’re just a little lit journal looking to celebrate modern womanhood, stretchmarks, period blood, finding joy in raising your voice, and subverting the patriarchy one piece of art at a time. Check out our masthead here.

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mission statement

Serpentine exists to provide a platform that amplifies the voices of all who identify on the femme side of the spectrum and those who have experienced womanhood. It is our mission to create a community for feminine folx that is a safe space to share stories, experiences, and art through different mediums such as: poetry, short fiction, music, photography, and performance arts. Make us cry, make us laugh, show us what it means to be you.

featured work

Leave Our Bodies Be by Karina Sorensen

Statement: Through the incessant bombardment of unrealistically Photoshopped women shown in the media, women need to stay strong & remember that all body types, shapes, & sizes are worthy & should be celebrated. ♀

Description: Stop motion animation, charcoal on Bristol board

Follow this link to view: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KeJ3l84LnXQyTmLu7Q0T2pjQsAIBYGIu/view?usp=drivesdk